Mary Whyte American Watercolor Artist


En Plein Air Pro Watercolor Packages

Mary Whyte recommends either of the two En Plein Air Pro watercolor packages.  Each package includes a portable, lightweight travel easel. When ordering, use the code WHYTE10, and receive 10% off any item $150.00 or more.  



Mary Whyte Paint Set

All the paints you need for a Mary Whyte workshop! (Fifteen colors in 15ml tubes) This set includes one each of: Aqua Pro Watercolor Pallette, M. Graham Watercolor Paint 15ml: Azo Yellow (GRW018), Burnt Sienna (GRW020), Cadmium Red Lt. (GRW050), Cadmium Yellow (GRW060), Cerulean Blue (GRW080), Cobalt Blue (GRW090), Cobalt Teal (GRW097), Hooker's Green (GRW108), Maroon Perylene (GRW113), Phthalocyanine Green (GRW150), Quinacridone Rose (GRW156), Raw Sienna (GRW160), Sap Green (GRW174), Ultramarine Blue (GRW190), Yellow Ochre (GRW200) 

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Mary Whyte Squirrel Cat's Tongue Wash

Russian Blue Squirrel hair is of the highest quality and holds a large volume of water which makes it excellent for mop and wash techniques. It is the softest, finest hair and holds more water than any other fiber. Size 6 (about 3/4" wide and 1 1/4" long). "These are the finest brushes I have ever used. Their control and durability make them the only brushes a serious watercolorist will ever need. Mary Whyte Series 801: Russian Blue Squirrel Cats' Tongue Wash. The combination of the flattened ferrule and oval tapering of this brush lays down washes if used flat with the belly on the paper, yet its tip will point softly and its side will hold a soft edge."-Mary Whyte.

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Mary Whyte Kolinsky Round Brush Size 8

MAESTRO water colour brush, round Siberian Kolinsky red sable hair from selected male winter tails so-called silver ferrule short black polished handles

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Mary Whyte Red Steel Tripod Easel

High quality steel easels with an excellent finish and sturdy fittings. Our most durable steel easel. For use indoors and out, Richeson's portable steel easels give you the best performance possible. Lightweight aluminum easels may blow over in the wind but the extra weight of steel keeps these easels rock steady. Adjusts to a horizontal position for watercolor and pastel work. Maximum canvas height: 29" Horizontal table height: 31"-54" Extended easel height: 80". Tray is not included.

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